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In January, 2018, a group of Mainers including youth filed a revised petition for rule-making to the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (“DEP”). The petition asked that the DEP fulfill its constitutional, public trust, and statutory obligations to implement science-based greenhouse gas emission reductions necessary to avoid the worst impacts of climate change and ocean acidification and protect a stable climate system for present and future generations. In light of the extreme weather events, ocean acidification, record-setting temperatures, and other climate impacts already being experienced, there is no time for Maine to delay.

In Maine, we have a 15 year old law that states that Maine will reduce greenhouse gas emissions “sufficient to eliminate any dangerous threat to the climate.” So far, this law has not been implemented. Maine Climate Protectors has a petition requesting that the Maine Department of Environmental Protection make rules based on climate science so we can meet those goals.

As recent events have underscored—four foot rains in Texas, grid-destroying winds in Florida, record-breaking wildfires in Montana and California, and utter devastation in Puerto Rico—our future and our children’s future depends on what we do right now.

Read the petition here as a PDF.