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Testify for LD 818 on March 13th

This is a very simple tool to help you draft compelling testimony to the legislature. Fill out the prompts below, hit the Compose button, and then copy-paste the text at the bottom into your email or word-processor to finish editing it.

This template is designed specifically to help with writing testimony about LD 818 “An Act To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions” (tracker), but it can also be used for LD 797 (tracker) or LD 893 (tracker).

All three bills will have public hearings on Wednesday, March 13th at 10am in the Cross Building, Room 216. You should be sure that the Committee Clerk gets your testimony 24 hours in advance, unless you can attend the hearing in person. If you have questions about attending the hearing, our partner organization 350 Maine ( may be able to help.

Caleb Roebuck is the Clerk for the Committee On Environment and Natural Resources (full contact info here) which will be holding the hearing on March 13th. Email him at Be sure to copy your own legislators.

Testimony Wizard: