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Write to the DEP

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection is a professional government entity charged with implementing Maine’s laws vis-à-vis environmental and ecological welfare. Although only one hundred and fifty petitioners are needed by Maine law to initiate the rule-making process, it’s important for the DEP, and the Legislature, and the Governor, to understand that this is an important issue to everyone.

(“Rule-making” is the process in which, after a law is officially on-the-books, parts of it that were too vague to be implemented or enforced as-written are fleshed out by a non-legislative agency, usually under the direction of the executive branch. These more detailed “rules” carry the same weight as laws, because they’re assumed to be just explaining what the laws mean in practice.)

It’s entirely appropriate to write to the DEP asking them to write rules as described in our petition; please do send us a copy of your letter❣

Maine Department of Environmental Protection
17 State House Station
Augusta, Maine 04333-0017
(207) 287-7688
(800) 452-1942

You could also check their calendar for an upcoming public meeting in your area.