Maine Climate Protectors

grassroots legal climate advocacy for the state and the world

Here’s basically what has been and will be going on:

2:30 in the State of Maine Room at Portland City Hall In a spirited, art-filled celebration of this potentially ground-breaking petition, Maine youth spoke their minds on the importance of acting decisively and wholeheartedly to address earth’s rapidly deteriorating climate. In addition, a member of the Maine bar addressed the essence of the Maine law invoked by the petition and provide a bird’s eye view of similar efforts in other states, as well as in federal and international forums.
The petitions were delivered to the DEP’s Southern Maine Regional Office by a convoy of electric cars.

The deadline for the DEP to begin the rule-making process as described in the petition.

The hearing is formally announced.

There was a public hearing in Augusta on the proposed rules to to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Over thirty scientists, farmers, and students of across generations spoke to the DEP about how these rules would protect their future.

The public comment period will end.

The public comment period ended.

The DEP had until this time to properly respond to the petition; they failed to do so.

Janet Mills will be inaugurated.

We have until this date to file a lawsuit, if that turns out to be the best way forward.